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Ren Buchness

Ren Buchness

Studio Artist, Tucson, AZ

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Ren Buchness (they/them) is a contemporary artist & fat activist based in Tucson, Arizona. By combining painting & performance, they aim to question Western standards of beauty and create conversations that alter preconceived notions about the fat body. In 2013, they received their BFA in Studio Art from Florida State University, and in 2018 earned their Master of Fine Art with a focus in painting & video from the University of Arizona. Ren’s work has been shown in multiple galleries across the country. Their work has also been featured in several publications both nationally and internationally. They have taught figure drawing and watercolor painting classes & workshops at the university, as well as privately at local establishments. Ren is also the founder of the Queer Craft Art Collective, an LGBTQ focused art group based in Tucson. Most days, you can find Ren in the studio, creating works of art that celebrate and explore the fat experience.

Selected Exhibitions:

“Feast of Persephone: Bound to the Underworld”; Sculpture Resource Center, Tucson Erotic Art Show 2022
“Lemon Rosemary Roast”; Groundworks, New Artists Showcase
“Soft Magnolias,” The Steinfeld Gallery, Celebration of Solitude

“Pineapple and Cherry Glazed,” “Lemon Rosemary Roast,” “Roast with Carrots and Golden Potatoes”; Sculpture Resource Center, Tucson Erotic Art Show 2021.
“Pineapple and Cherry Glazed,” “Feast of Persephone: Bound to the Underworld,” “Lemon Rosemary Roast,” “Roast with Carrots and Potatoes,” “Blackberry Pie,”; WB Gallery, Hot and Heavy
“Dragonfly Kisses”; McNeese Gallery, 34th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition.

“Beef Curtains”; Pete’s Candy Store, Gxrl on Grill: Eat Your Heart Out, Course 3
“Soft Magnolias” “Dragonfly Kisses” “Honey Bae”; Sculpture Resource Center, Tucson Erotic Art Show 2020
“What a Gem”; Light Space & Time; 10th Annual “Figurative” Art Exhibition

“Fairy Toast,” “Butter Jacuzzi,” “Dive in!” “Jelly Belly”; 934 Gallery, #FATPROUDWINNING
“Soft Magnolias”; Gardiner Gallery of Art, Cimarron National Works on Paper
“Grapefruit and Blueberries”; Las Laguna Art Gallery, Aqueous 2019
“Dragonfly Kisses”; Tubac Center of the Arts, Arizona Aqueous XXXIV
“Carry that Weight,” “Shape up”; 621 Gallery, Fat Film Fest
“Dragonfly Kisses”, “Honey Bae”, “Soft Magnolias”,
“Tidal pool Dreams”; 621 Gallery, >7

2018 “Shape up”, “Carry that Weight”; Hiss Magazine, Film Screening
“Elephant in the Room”, University of Arizona Museum of Art, 2018 MFA Thesis Exhibition
“Beef Curtains”; College Art Association Conference 2018, Media Lounge: Radical Identity: The New Citizen

2017 “Just a Pinch”,”Main Squeeze” Exploded View, Fluid Ground
“Beef Curtains”; The Loft Cinema, Blink Twice
“Bodies as Oceans”; University of Arizona, We Want Trouble: Graduate Open Studios

“Sew Sew What, I’m Still a Rock Star”; Exploded View, Where We Met
“Traces”; The Dusty Monk Pub, Infuse
“Band-aids Don’t Fix Shit”; Graduate Visual Resource Lab
“All that Glitters, couldn’t make the cut”; University of Arizona, Graduate Open Studios

2015 “All that Glitters”; Graduate Gallery, Pop-UP show

2013 “Perseverance: St Cecilia & Three of Swords”; Museum of Fine Arts at Florida State University, BFA Graduating Exhibition


“Main Squeeze,” “Fat Bitch”: Archer Magazine, Issue #16
“Love In the Garden” featured as the cover for Mother Body by Diamond Forde, March 2021

“Featured Artist: Lauren Buchness” Queerly Collective, Dec 2020,
“Lauren Buchness: Naturally Fat Series” Thought Art Magazine: Issue 01, 2020 pages 60-64

Mini Polyseme #4: Lauren Buchness, Polyseme Magazine, 2019
Fat Tuesday Art, Instagram: @fattuesdayart, December 2019
Lauren Buchness, Queer Art Brunch Club, 2019
Hiss Magazine, Issue 3; 2018
"Meet Lauren Buchness", Voyage Phoenix Magazine, 2018


BFA in Studio Art at Florida State University
Aug 2010 – May 2013 Tallahassee, Fl
Masters of Fine Arts at University of Arizona
2015 – 2018 Tucson, AZ