Ren Buchness

Stay Soft

Ren Buchness

Butter Babes

“Butter-face” is an insult commonly used to describe people with attractive bodies but ugly faces. Fat people are often told the opposite, that their face is beautiful, if only their body was thinner, giving me the idea of the “butter-body.”
This series of paintings takes the idea that fat body is the “butter” part of the slur. Butter however is one of the most beloved, decadent ingredients known to humankind. The depiction of fat bodies as the butter in various dishes coyly suggests that fat people are desirable, beautiful and delicious.
The flat, graphic nature of gouache creates fun bright colors to attract the viewer to look closer. The paintings are small in scale to foster a more intimate relationship between the image and its audience. Through the use of humor and playful imagery I ask the viewer to reconsider how they view fat bodies and examine their own internalized fatphobia.

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